summer camp dates

2024/2025 Dates

2024 Second Session/Full Season

Departure from camp will be August 11, 2024

Zoom Meet-Ups & Camper/Family Connections

Zoom Meet-Ups are for enrolled Chestnut Lake campers (by gender/grade groups) and will be announced throughout the year. For other camper-to-camper or parent-to-parent connections, please contact Judith Friedman (Engagement Director).


Winter Reunions

Reunions are for returning (2024) campers only and will be announced in the fall of 2024.

Spring Fling/New Parent Workshop

TBD (usually a Sunday in June)

2024 Visiting Day

July 21, 2024 (For Full Summer/7-week campers only)

2025 Visiting Day

July 26, 2025 (For Full Summer/7-week campers only)

2024 Intersession

July 19-22, 2024 (For Full Summer campers)

2025 Intersession

July 26-28, 2025 (For Full Summer campers)

2024 Discovery Camp
(5-Day) Program

July 22-26, 2024

2025 Discovery Camp
(5-Day) Program

July 28-August 1, 2025

2025 Tuition

Tuition includes laundry, local trips, transportation to and from selected areas in NY, NJ, PA (Phila.), MD (Baltimore and Greater DC), selected airports, accident insurance, all counselor gratuities, towels (shower, pool, and lake), and canteen.




First Session (3rd-8th)

Sunday, June 29 - Saturday, July 26


Second Session (3rd-8th)

Monday, July 28 - Sunday, August 17


Full Summer (3rd-8th)

Sunday, June 29 - Sunday, August 17 *


Varsity-1 (9th)

[Same Sessions, Dates, and Tuition as above]
Learn more about these programs

Varsity-2 (10th)
(Returning campers only)

[Same Sessions, Dates, and Tuition as above]
Learn more about these programs

Leadership Training/LT (11th)
(Returning campers only)

Sunday, June 29 - Monday, July 28

Learn more about these programs


Discovery Camp (2nd-4th)

Learn more about this special 5-day program (July 28-August 1, 2025)

* Full Summer, Varsity (Full Summer) and LT campers will have an "Intersession" July 26-28 that keeps them on-site with friends and staff.

Early Enrollment Credit - $200 (per child)
Campers returning to camp in 2025 after attending a session in 2024 by the following deadlines will receive this credit. Their (first-time) siblings are also eligible.
2024 First Session Attendees - Enroll by July 29
2024 Full Summer or Second Session Attendees - Enroll by August 26

NEW Early Pay in Full Credit - $400 (per child)
Campers coming for the first time or returning to camp in 2025 with full balances (2025 Tuition only) paid by July 29 (2025 First Session enrollment) or August 26 (2025 Full Summer/Second Session enrollment) will receive this credit. Please note: the Early Pay in Full Credit cannot be combined with the Early Enrollment Credit (max discount in those cases is $400 per child). If a New Family (no returning campers) opts for Early Pay in Full Credit, we will provide the $400 (per child) PLUS the $200 (per child) credit.

Pioneer Credit - $100 (per child)
Families with at least one child attending camp in 2019 or earlier will receive this credit for all children enrolled in 2025.

First-Time Family Credit - $200 (per child)
Families enrolling a child for the first time within one week of a personal visit (including Zoom) or camp tour will receive this credit.

Sibling Credit - $1,000 (per family, for families enrolling at least 3 children for 7/4/3 weeks)

Deposit & Refund Policy
Enrolling a child for 7/4/3 weeks requires a deposit of $2,000 per child (Discovery Camp requires payment in full). All monies paid, including the $2,000 deposit, will be refundable upon written request until January 1, 2025. After January 1, 2025, there will be no refunds.

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