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CLC Values

Bringing Out The Best In Me

Chestnut Lake Camp provides campers with an environment where they feel comfortable and confident in who they are as a person. The most important ingredient to our success is a skilled, caring staff who work tirelessly to Bring Out each camper's Character, Leadership and Confidence (their "CLC").

CLC Values


Beads and Gemstones are two of the many ways we inspire our campers to show off their CLC.


During our daily line-ups, we recognize campers and staff who have created special moments for others through their generosity, friendship, courage, helpfulness or gratitude. Anyone in our community can be awarded a bead for their achievement. While campers wear their beads as a symbol of Chestnut Lake pride, the true value of the bead is shown when a camper gives their beads away to recognize someone else's CLC.


Building upon our daily beads, our staff looks to recognize those campers who consistently try their best to exhibit Character, Leadership and Confidence. Each week, our Division Leaders hold an awards ceremony where campers are recognized for achieving their CLC. We use a weekly award so that campers will have a number of opportunities to receive a gemstone.

CLC Values


As our campers grow up at CLC and learn what it means to Bring It Out, we provide them with opportunities to be leaders within our community through our Big Sis-Lil Sis program, Boys Leagues, Tribal Competition and planning of all camp special events. By taking on these leadership roles, our older campers truly make a positive difference in our camp community and serve as role models to our younger campers.


The ultimate goal at Chestnut Lake is to build our campers' self-esteem so that they will leave camp with an enhanced sense of confidence. We are always excited to hear about our campers' accomplishments when they are not at camp and it gives us a great sense of pride in knowing that our campers are showing their CLC 12 months a year.

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